Upcoming Winter Events

This week at Owl & Raven:

Barca Board Game Pieces on Board 512x451Monday
(4:30pm, weekly) Ear Acupuncture
(6-10pm, weekly) Board Game Night

(12-2pm, weekly) Drop-in Open Hours/Art Hours
(2-5pm, weekly) Code-in: An Open Group for Programmers and Developers

(7-11pm, weekly) Go Club: Learn and play the ancient board game, Go. Beginners are welcome!

Upcoming Events at Owl & Raven:

Sunday, January 27th (2-5:30pm)
Magic the Gathering Tournament! Beginners, veterans, and all ages are welcome. All cards are provided and are yours to keep! $5 suggested donation.

Git-logoWednesday, February 6th (7-9pm)
Source Code Management Skillshare! How to use Git for effective version control!

New and upcoming events for October

go boardWestern Mass Go Club – Sundays at 7pm
Owl & Raven is proud to be hosting weekly meetings of the Western Mass Go Club beginning Sunday, October 21st at 7pm.

Go is an ancient Chinese board game of surprising depth and artistry. All players, both new and experienced, are welcome. Club membership is informal and it’s okay to drop by at any time.

Magic the GatheringMagic the Gathering Tournament – Sunday, October 28th from 2pm-5:30pm
Join us at the end of October for another casual Magic the Gathering Tournament. The tournament is open to responsible players of all ages. Players will be given several sealed card packs to make a deck from. All players will get to keep the cards they received for the deck at the end of the tournament! Cards go as far back as 1993, and as recent as the newest set.

Please show up on time, as participation might be limited by the amount of cards and space available.

End of June events

Summer has officially begun! The raspberries are ripening and the temperature is quickly climbing. Owl and Raven is a great place to relax and cool down this summer. We have some great events planned for the end of June and the month of July.

Check out our calendar for detailed event descriptions!

11am-3pm: Open Hours
7pm-9pm: Radical Parenting Discussion

6-10pm: Open Hours
7-9pm: Arts and Crafts

10-3pm: Book sale and comics sale!

4:30pm: Talon Team

Upcoming Events
Wednesday, June 27th
7-9pm: Qigong Therapy

Happy Birthday Owl and Raven

Owl and Raven
One year! Yay!

Today, Owl and Raven celebrates its one-year anniversary. We opened our doors on April 1st, 2011. It’s been a crazy year!

Over four seasons, Owl and Raven has evolved into a thriving collective supported by a group of people dedicated to community resilience. We are now open every day of the week, we’re seeing new faces at every event, and we have maintained our commitment to creating a space where money does not determine access.

On Saturday, April 21, we will be hosting an all-day open house to celebrate a great year. We’d love to see you here! We’ll have door prizes, games, food, and crafts from 10am-5pm.

Today, consider showing your appreciation by making a donation to this awesome space. Our operating costs have risen over the past year, but our events remain pay-what-you-want. Without your support, we wouldn’t be open. Even small donations have a big effect in keeping this dream alive.

You can support the space online via Paypal, in person, or via snail mail:

Owl and Raven
2 Conz St.
Unit #42
Northampton, MA 01060

The Owl and Raven Collective

There are big changes happening at Owl and Raven. Some of these changes will be obvious. Other changes will look subtler, but will have a big impact on the long-term sustainability of our community space.

What’s going on?

The biggest change is that we are reorganizing as a collective. With our one-year anniversary on the horizon, a team of dedicated members have stepped up to help with running open hours, planning events, fundraising, and decision making. We’ve been meeting regularly, distributing tasks, and working together to lay a more stable foundation.

What it means for you?

In the future, the collectivization of Owl and Raven will mean increased open hours, more events, more people to meet, and better funding. We’re working toward this goal! In the meantime, remember that good, sustainable change happens slowly.

If you’d like to help with this transition, we are currently seeking more volunteers for weekday open hours, Friday open hours, and anyone who can donate a few hours here and there to help clean, paint, and distribute posters!

Welcome November – Weekend Events

We started off this week with a surprise winter storm.  It really flipped western Mass upside down, and we’re hoping everyone is safe and warm.  If you’re looking for a cozy hideaway,  look no further:

Community Resilience and Preparedness
Friday, November 4th at 6:30pm

What does it look like to be prepared? How does one prepare within limited financial means? What are we preparing for? Join us tonight at 6:30pm for a casual potluck and a discussion about community resilience and preparedness. Potluck is BYOD (bring your own dishes)!

Story Hour – A Wrinkle in Time
Saturday, November 5th from 3pm-4pm
Led by Marnie McKay

Come join us for a reading of Madelie L’engle’s A Wrinkle in Time! All ages welcome, although children 7 & up may appreciate the story more. A fabulous book to delight anyone from 7 to 107! Donations appreciated.