Diet Myth-busting March 21st

Thursday, March 21st (7-9pm)
with Deena Barselah, Holistic Wellness Coach

Vegetarian dietPaleo, vegan, low-carb, low-fat, raw, macrobiotic, calorie-restriction…the list goes on. There are so many diets out there today, it’s hard to sift through it all. We’re also told to stay away from eggs, saturated fat, gluten, dairy, grains and so many other foods!

Join Deena Barselah, Holistic Wellness Coach, to really break this all down. Deena will share her opinion on diet trends, myths and the conventional advice out there.

Deena Barselah is a wellness coach on a mission to empower people with real food. Forget the fad diets, quick fixes and trends. Looking at tradition and what has always worked throughout history, supporting the body with real food, and paying close attention to your body’s needs is Deena’s approach. She’s overcome several health and diet challenges herself and is excited to support you. Deena recently moved to The Valley after 10 years in NYC and is loving the slower pace, access to nature and wonderfully warm and welcoming people.

Feb 2nd 3D Printing Demo

Join us next Saturday, February 2nd at 12pm, for an Interactive 3D Printing Demonstration and discussion. Justin Leone will guide us through the process of designing in a 3D application, translating an object into printable format, and printing the object in plastic.

Because we won’t have time to design on-the-fly, Justin is accepting submission ideas for simple 3D objects. If you’d like your object printed, you can email your submission to Justin.

3D printed model
A 3D printed model

Any participants can come for the demonstration and take home a copy of something we make.

Suggested donation of $10 for Owl and Raven and to cover material costs. If you take home an object, you must donate for the cost of materials.

Disclaimers: There are some limitations regarding what can be printed, and how much time we have (large size increases print time, high complexity and detail increase design time, and severe overhangs might make an object difficult to print at all), so depending on attendance, we may not be able to print everyone’s model.

Upcoming Winter Events

This week at Owl & Raven:

Barca Board Game Pieces on Board 512x451Monday
(4:30pm, weekly) Ear Acupuncture
(6-10pm, weekly) Board Game Night

(12-2pm, weekly) Drop-in Open Hours/Art Hours
(2-5pm, weekly) Code-in: An Open Group for Programmers and Developers

(7-11pm, weekly) Go Club: Learn and play the ancient board game, Go. Beginners are welcome!

Upcoming Events at Owl & Raven:

Sunday, January 27th (2-5:30pm)
Magic the Gathering Tournament! Beginners, veterans, and all ages are welcome. All cards are provided and are yours to keep! $5 suggested donation.

Git-logoWednesday, February 6th (7-9pm)
Source Code Management Skillshare! How to use Git for effective version control!

Fertility Awareness in December

Unclothed woman behind question mark signFertility Awareness for Natural Birth Control and Reproductive Health
Wednesday, December 19th at 7pm. Led by Hannah Shaffer.

Join us for an evening introduction to the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). FAM tracks a combination of natural body functions to determine when a woman is most fertile. It can be used for avoiding pregnancy, helping to achieve pregnancy, and for tracking gynecological health.

The focus of this talk is on using FAM as a hormone-free, device-free method of natural birth control. The talk will be conducted in an all-gender-friendly safe space and is open to anyone interested in fertility awareness and women’s health.

Register here!

Participants must pre-register by Sunday, December 16th. $10 donation encouraged.

August 2012

Hi folks! Lots of exciting transitions happening at Owl and Raven. No skillshares have been scheduled this month, but we’re continuing with our regularly scheduled programming: ear acupuncture, game night, and Wednesday/Saturday open hours.

We’ll be posting more updates within the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy these photos from our recent pancake skillshare!


Pancakes and Potluck!

This week at Owl and Raven, join us for a Wednesday pancake skillshare and a special potluck brunch on Saturday. Details below!

Wednesday, July 25th

Open hours (11am – 3pm)

Stop in to work on a project, sip tea, and share some good conversation!

Banana on pancake

Pancake Skillshare (7pm – 9pm) $5 suggested donation

Being able to make a great pancake from scratch is a kitchen skill that everyone who owns a spatula should have. Yet many people – including those who love to cook – consider pancakes to be either too simple to bother thinking about, or so complex that it’s best to defer to pre-made mixes and short-order cooks.

In this skillshare, pancake-aficionado Joe Riedel will show us how to make pancakes, and will discuss every step along the way. He will demystify the parts you may have thought complicated (like ingredients) and mystify you with parts you may have thought simple (like mixing or prepping the griddle). Attendants will learn how to make a simple mix to keep on-hand, learn what the ingredients do and why, how to mix and when to add variations, when to flip, how to store leftovers (which is always recommended), and stacks of other pancake-lore. And perhaps best of all, there will be pancakes to eat at the end.

Saturday, July 28th

Potluck Brunch (11am – 2pm)

We’re welcoming any kind of dish or non-alchoholic beverage.

If you’d like to join us, please bring a list of ingredients, and your own plates/utensils to serve with and eat from.

End of June events

Summer has officially begun! The raspberries are ripening and the temperature is quickly climbing. Owl and Raven is a great place to relax and cool down this summer. We have some great events planned for the end of June and the month of July.

Check out our calendar for detailed event descriptions!

11am-3pm: Open Hours
7pm-9pm: Radical Parenting Discussion

6-10pm: Open Hours
7-9pm: Arts and Crafts

10-3pm: Book sale and comics sale!

4:30pm: Talon Team

Upcoming Events
Wednesday, June 27th
7-9pm: Qigong Therapy

Radical Parenting

Join us tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan 25) at 7pm for a radical parenting discussion facilitated by Jen Hartley, homeschooling mom and activist.

It’s a daunting era for anyone who cares about children and making the world a better place. We’ll explore what it means to be a radical parent and share strategies for navigating one’s way outside the mainstream, with all the challenges presented by this culture. We’ll also talk about radical parenting as a way of maximizing joy, freedom, and delving into the meaning of life.

This skillshare is open to parents, those contemplating parenthood, and anyone who is committed to the well-being of children.