Carboard Art on a Warm Early October Day

A wonderful time was had by all on our first Cardboard Art Day, on October 6th.

Building Houses and Marble Runs

See below for more photos…

Cardboard Day was a whole lot of fun. About 15 people came a pretty much everybody made something! There was an attempt at a squirrel-proof pumpkin, an Escher-like house of stairs, a nifty shingled abode, a faery house with sticks and moss and leaves, a dragon head for ejecting candy at trick-or-treaters from the third floor, a marble run, an apartment house for all of us, and a special ‘surprise’ environment for creatures to live in. There was also wonderfully warm weather and not a drop of rain fell on our creations.

Considering the cardboard options

She climbed in there and we said we'd mail her somewhere good










Folks enjoyed the day and wanted to do it again, so keep your eyes peeled for Cardboard Day next year!