Feb 2nd 3D Printing Demo

Join us next Saturday, February 2nd at 12pm, for an Interactive 3D Printing Demonstration and discussion. Justin Leone will guide us through the process of designing in a 3D application, translating an object into printable format, and printing the object in plastic.

Because we won’t have time to design on-the-fly, Justin is accepting submission ideas for simple 3D objects. If you’d like your object printed, you can email your submission to Justin.

3D printed model
A 3D printed model

Any participants can come for the demonstration and take home a copy of something we make.

Suggested donation of $10 for Owl and Raven and to cover material costs. If you take home an object, you must donate for the cost of materials.

Disclaimers: There are some limitations regarding what can be printed, and how much time we have (large size increases print time, high complexity and detail increase design time, and severe overhangs might make an object difficult to print at all), so depending on attendance, we may not be able to print everyone’s model.