Outdoor Edibles!

In a skillshare held mid-September, Owl and Raven members and new friends learned what’s edible in the wild in the fall and a couple of things to plant in the garden as it gets cooler.

it has a herbal scent
Some plants, such as Wormwood, have a distinctive scent.

We headed out with a Peterson’s guide to the bikepath to check out the growing habits of grapes and see what else we could identify. It was a great opportunity to talk about only eating what you’re very sure of, where to (and not to)  gather from, and how much to leave behind for foraging animals.

requisite band photo

We found apples, grape vines, staghorn sumac, and several other tasties within a short distance. We headed back inside as dusk was falling. Inside we learned from the sample branches and chatted about autumn olive, hickory, and black walnuts as we snacked on concord grapes and cold-brewed some tart sumac tea. Each person there had something to contribute on the topic, most of us sharing about our own favorite plant we’d gotten to know well.

very focused.
As a member of Hampshire’s Primitive Skills group opens a hickory nut, we listen intently to Jen’s love of black walnut.
why does the cup seem so flummoxed?
Talking about identifying and using  Autumn Olive fruits as we eat grapes and cold-brew the tea.


At the end of the evening we sampled the staghorn sumac tea, which tasted a little like lemonade, while we talked about how to plant spinach and garlic in the fall, and how to overwinter parsley. It was so much fun to get together and everyone was enthusiastic about fall edibles!

Thanks to Joshua AC Newman for his photographs of the fall edibles skillshare.