Pancakes and Potluck!

This week at Owl and Raven, join us for a Wednesday pancake skillshare and a special potluck brunch on Saturday. Details below!

Wednesday, July 25th

Open hours (11am – 3pm)

Stop in to work on a project, sip tea, and share some good conversation!

Banana on pancake

Pancake Skillshare (7pm – 9pm) $5 suggested donation

Being able to make a great pancake from scratch is a kitchen skill that everyone who owns a spatula should have. Yet many people – including those who love to cook – consider pancakes to be either too simple to bother thinking about, or so complex that it’s best to defer to pre-made mixes and short-order cooks.

In this skillshare, pancake-aficionado Joe Riedel will show us how to make pancakes, and will discuss every step along the way. He will demystify the parts you may have thought complicated (like ingredients) and mystify you with parts you may have thought simple (like mixing or prepping the griddle). Attendants will learn how to make a simple mix to keep on-hand, learn what the ingredients do and why, how to mix and when to add variations, when to flip, how to store leftovers (which is always recommended), and stacks of other pancake-lore. And perhaps best of all, there will be pancakes to eat at the end.

Saturday, July 28th

Potluck Brunch (11am – 2pm)

We’re welcoming any kind of dish or non-alchoholic beverage.

If you’d like to join us, please bring a list of ingredients, and your own plates/utensils to serve with and eat from.